Interview Training

There’s the skill to do the job… and the skill to get the job.

IMG_2013You have a good reputation among your co-workers, and maybe you’ve tossed your name in for an upcoming promotion.  Maybe last time you interviewed for a position, you were the perfect person for it, but they picked someone else, maybe less qualified than you, but he gave a better interview.  This happens.  Let’s make you the person who interviews well.

1-on-1 Private Interview Training
What you will learn:

  • Job interviews are sales.  They’re the grocery shopper, and you’re the can of soup.  Stand out.
  • Learn to tell your own story.  Your career and life-experience trajectory may not seem like a story to you, but it will to others if you tell it, and sell it like a story.
  • Hand them their talking points.  One interviewer doesn’t hire you–a team does.  Learn to teach people what to write down in their notes, so when they have a meeting about you, they’re using your talking points. 

How it works:

  • We will sit together, face-to-face and review the most likely questions you will be asked.
  • We will review your career path to date, and craft it into a personal story that holds the listeners attention, and leads to the conclusion that your next job will be the one you are interviewing for.
  • Sessions can be short or long.  Previous clients have hired me for nine hours split into hour-and-a-half meetings. 

If you are interested in learning more about private 1-on-1 interview training, just let me know, we’ll set something up.